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Moxe recognized as top 2023 Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions Provider by Healthcare Business Review

Moxe is a trailblazer in healthcare digital transformation, uniting payers and providers through a digital-first approach. The company positions itself as a neutral intermediary between providers and payers, orchestrating a seamless flow of clinical...

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Why there’s a growing urgency for patient-centric data exchange

As published in: In some respects, healthcare is a great equalizer. Whether you are a U.S. senator or a blue-collar worker, a colonoscopy is still a...

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Tell me again why fax is superior?

As seen in: The “inherent security” provider argument in a recent KLAS report on digital fax is unfounded and a remnant of another era. User error is...

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Harnessing clinical data to surpass the limits of claims information

As published in: In all aspects of healthcare management—from population health and care management to risk adjustment, quality improvement, and...

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Improving provider-payer interoperability to drive meaningful collaboration

As published in: The interoperability of healthcare data has been an issue ever since the first EHR was installed. The problems are particularly...

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Critical questions to ask your clinical data exchange partner

As published in: Imagine you rented or bought a new house and, when setting up your utilities, the power company made you give them a pile of money,...

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HIMSS23: What's Missing from Interoperability?

In this brief interview with, Moxe Health CEO Dan Wilson emphasizes the need to go beyond discussing the concept of...

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