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Tell me again why fax is superior?

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The “inherent security” provider argument in a recent KLAS report on digital fax is unfounded and a remnant of another era. User error is inherently possible when a process involves manual steps, and fax isn’t secure relative to more modern ways to encrypt and transact data between multiple parties. It’s also unlikely that faxing remains analog (using only a phone line), as groups are using Efax or VOIP lines with transactions going over the Internet and the fax isn’t actually encrypted. 


“Ease of use” sounds like the person who used to say that “no one will text, because it’s easier to just pick up the phone and call someone.” Faxing is easy only because finding a directory of where to send files electronically is so hard. If we solve the directory issue, the “ease of faxing” benefit is reduced.


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