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Moxe recognized as top 2023 Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions Provider by Healthcare Business Review

Uniting Payers and Providers through a Digital-First Approach

Moxe is a trailblazer in healthcare digital transformation, uniting payers and providers through a digital-first approach. The company positions itself as a neutral intermediary between providers and payers, orchestrating a seamless flow of clinical data to facilitate meaningful collaboration and outcomes.


“We are driven by the goal of making data work," says Mike Coyne, the COO of Moxe.

“We achieve this by connecting the healthcare ecosystem with timely and relevant data, ensuring it reaches the right place at the right time. For providers, this means optimizing the bidirectional exchange of data directly in the clinical workflow. And for payers, it means access to timely, actionable clinical data presented in readily usable formats.”


healthcare business review awardMoxe is not just another player in the field but an agnostic interoperability partner operating behind the scenes. Its focus is on problem-solving and providing solutions tailored to deliver precise and actionable data at scale. This approach benefits organizations, regardless of their size, by addressing specific challenges like the release of information, chart retrieval, supplemental data, and insight sharing. By doing so, Moxe reduces administrative waste, minimizes burnout and friction, eliminates duplication, and ultimately lowers costs. The result is more collaborative, efficient, and resource-optimized healthcare operations.


For payers, Moxe provides access to timely, relevant, high-quality data configured to support their use cases. It also operationalizes this data by presenting payer insights within the clinical workflow, which helps providers address patient-specific gaps in care and make updates at the point of care. These efforts increase efficiency and documentation accuracy, which are critical for risk adjustment and quality improvement initiatives.


Moxe's focus, encapsulated in the statement ‘clinical data exchange should be easy, secure, and meaningful,’ impacts both payers and providers. That said, the demand for the data sits with payers. They increasingly require precise, usable data but often receive data in a multitude of formats, requiring significant configuration. Moxe's technology and expertise come to the rescue, delivering only the necessary data configured for specific use cases and eliminating the need for time-consuming data formatting.

For providers, Moxe streamlines the secure exchange of clinical data, increasing efficiency, enabling better management of patient data, reducing costs, and optimizing resources. Moxe serves as a neutral, trusted partner helping providers manage Release of Information (ROI) with a digital first approach designed to scale and comply with emerging regulations. In essence, Moxe prepares providers for the future by automating outdated processes so they can focus on patients.

In one instance, Novant Health sought a solution to address the overwhelming volume of medical record requests during HEDIS and risk adjustment season. By implementing Moxe's Release of Information solution, Novant automated 260,000 requests in less than 18 months, improving response times by 50 percent. This automation allowed Novant to reallocate 20,000 labor hours to patient-centric requests, enhancing their focus on personalized care.

In another example, Humana faced the challenge of acquiring specific data from their providers and making it usable in a timely manner. Moxe streamlined the data gathering process, standardized the data, and established a process to deliver precise data automatically and frequently. The results: improved efficiency, accuracy, quality, and financial incentives. Humana achieved better financial outcomes, reduced workloads, and reallocated resources to higher-impact areas.

These examples showcase Moxe’s digital-first approach to connecting the healthcare ecosystem, securely exchanging data, and activating the data to drive results. Its commitment to ease, security, and meaningful data exchange places it at the forefront of innovation in this critical sector.