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How advanced data exchange facilitates efficient care delivery

With diverse types of data now available to providers, there’s the potential to revolutionize patient and provider experiences and improve care.

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In today’s regulatory environment — one in which there’s an ever-increasing demand for data — acquisition and delivery is not enough. Providers and payers need data that is enriched and activated for immediate use in clinical and payer environments. This is data that delivers insights that will positively shape the patient and provider experience, and optimize how health plans function.


Healthcare stakeholders need an expansive network and robust platform of capabilities that work together to create an exchange that drives meaningful and efficient collaboration across the ecosystem.


Beyond data delivery

Network and platform are equally important parts of this approach. Both must continue to evolve and expand to satisfy new use cases for the benefit of providers and payers with an eye towards creating a world where every U.S. resident has access to affordable healthcare.


To enable exchange to bring the most value to stakeholders, expanding the network plays a key role. The more data acquired and available, the more value delivered to users across the healthcare ecosystem.


It’s not only critical to seamlessly connect with data from the top EHRs, but to also ingest data from other sources, such as national health data networks like CommonWell and statewide health information exchanges. As a network grows in these ways, it can become a one-stop data shop for users. The neutrality, depth and breadth of the network is one piece of the puzzle that will unlock the potential of clinical data for smarter, more efficient healthcare operations.


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