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The Most Connected Digital ROI™ Solution

Moxe is a clinical data clearinghouse simplifying healthcare operations through targeted exchange of health data. Our technology connects directly to EHRs to enable granular extraction of complete clinical records and sharing of actionable insights from payers to providers at the point of care.

We integrate directly with Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts. These EHRs make up 76% percent of market share for health system usage across the United States, according to a recent Digital Health Trends report by Circle Square.

True Interoperability in Healthcare

Moxe addresses an area historically overlooked in the interoperability discussion: the use of clinical data to streamline a wide range of payment and operations use cases. With an expanding network of innovative health plans and provider organizations who together insure more than 50 million Americans and deliver tens of millions of annual visits, we are transforming the way payers and providers manage health information across the ecosystem.

Since 2012, we have worked to reinvent health information management. Our solutions improve and simplify the sharing of clinical information and critical insights between payers, providers, and third-party organizations by facilitating secure exchange of clinical data. Utilizing a variety of standards (FHIR, HL7 v2, XDR, etc.), Moxe products keep data flowing, from real-time updates that inform clinical decisions to a robust, automated release-of-information solution for risk adjustment, HEDIS and Star ratings, and claims denial management.

Accurate and timely data is foundational to every organization seeking to provide high-quality care while controlling costs. Integrating directly into EHRs is essential to reducing workflow abrasion resulting from record release requests. With our sponsored connections we’re streamlining the ROI process, modernizing collaboration between leading provider organizations and health plans to align payers and providers around the highest quality patient care.

The Fastest Processing Speed. Ever.

Moxe’s sponsored connections offer the fastest ROI processing capabilities on the market. We are able to provide a 2,000% increase in efficiency compared to traditional methods. Moxe can deliver up to 500 charts per hour.

Simple Implementation

With minimal implementation required Moxe can directly integrate into a health system’s EHR. Once live, Moxe automates the exchange of clinical data for all ROI needs including payers, patients, continuity of care, government, and legal. The rapid process is able to send hundreds of charts per hour with a match rate of more than 98%.

Security is Top of Mind

Moxe offers best-in-class security. Only Moxe is SOC 2 Type 2 Audited, Veracode Scanned, and mapped to HITRUST. Our solution is HIPAA Compliant, with 2-factor authentication and AES256 encryption so you can proceed with confidence. We’ve delivered millions of charts with zero data breaches.

True ROI from ROI

A recent article on MedCity highlights the administrative costs currently hindering the healthcare system. Moxe saves clerical hours and hard costs, dramatically lowering the cost of healthcare admin. Calculate your savings with Moxe.

Moxe’s exchange of machine and people-readable clinical data has securely and digitally transferred more than 20 million charts, saving more than 2 million hours of administrative time. 

Sponsored Connections

Health systems can utilize Moxe Digital ROI™ at zero cost. Payers and payer partners sponsor direct EMR connections with providers through Moxe so that they can fulfill chart requests in their desired formats in a timely manner, while providers maintain customized controls to oversee the minimum necessary release of PHI, a win-win.

Key Health Insights Directly in your EMR

Better patient care starts with accurate and complete patient data. Direct EHR integration supports our goal to build a bi-directional flow of health information so you can accurately diagnose and close gaps directly from your EMR at the point of care. The result? Care gap closures during the patient visit.

Get Moxe for your ROI

Moxe connecting to the vast majority of EHRs accelerates the growth of our network and helps us to offer our customers the products and features they need for true collaboration. 

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