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Moxe Receives the 2022 code Developer Program Member Award

Last week during the 2022 Oracle Cerner Health Conference, Moxe was honored with the  code Developer Program Member Award. We’re thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to strengthening our integration with Cerner EHRs and the code validation program. This win reinforces our commitment to connecting the healthcare ecosystem, advancing interoperability, and making data exchange easier.

Cerner code award - trophy-1The criteria for this award included an evaluation of our excellence in leveraging the validation program, health system sales and adoption activity, as well as obtaining client achievement stories in use of our validated code app. 

A code solution, Moxe Digital ROI, is an API that enables smarter, simpler, more secure data exchange by automating release of information for a variety of use cases including HEDIS®, Medicare risk adjustment, and payment integrity.

As the number of Cerner-based providers we work with continues to grow, we’re helping more providers automate their release of information processes to drive meaningful outcomes.

About code

Cerner Open Developer Experience (code) is a digital experience designed to meet market expectations of open communications and enhance collaboration with third-party and client developers with SMART® on FHIR® applications. Robust API documentation, clearly defined guidelines and access to tools enable innovative app development.