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Healthcare Innovation Spotlights Moxe’s Work with Atrium Health

Moxe Chief Customer Officer, Beth Zuehlke and Atrium Health HIM Director, Hannah Sorgius, recently sat down with Healthcare Innovation to discuss how Health Information Management (HIM) teams are embracing interoperability by automating Release of Information. 

Before working with Moxe, Atrium was struggling to keep up with the increasing volume of medical requests related to HEDIS and MRA requests. According to Hannah,

They come in seasonally, so roughly two to four times a year we were receiving large influxes of requests that we weren't necessarily staffed for,” Hannah said. All of the retrieval work was manual. Along with the requests, she added, “come all the phone follow-ups, all the erroneous faxes, the third-party companies hired to go out and retrieve this data showing up at our clinical care sites and interrupting patient care.”

Atrium did not want to pull in teams from other tasks or hire temporary staff to address spikes in volume, but they wanted to address the burnout employees were feeling from the additional requests.

Moxe worked closely with Atrium to design and test a solution that strictly enforces Atrium’s release restrictions, especially around behavioral health. Beth outlines how it works.

The tool that we have in place with Atrium really does automate the whole process. The payers deliver the requests to Moxe electronically. Our system picks those up and goes about the process of matching records and making sure that we're respecting all of Atrium’s policies and procedures of how they release information. We then package it up and electronically deliver it to the payer. All of that happens behind the scenes without a human intervening.”

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